Data: Transactions


“Your every action is being recorded on a server. This information may be used for or against you. It may inform drone strikes, digital attacks and grant access to a variety of organizations to stalk you.”


Initial research showed that there is not yet an answer to the influence that big data may have on society. Some people believe it is a key ingredient that will push us forwards, others believe that it is nothing more than a mass of information. It appears as though the only way we will discover the power it holds is through the passing of time. While people are aware of the almighty big data, the quiet collection of an endless amount of information about us, most people turn a blind eye to the topic, accepting it as is rather than seriously questioning the possibilities of this resource.

“Transactions” is an exploration of the meaning of big data through the creation of physical data receipts. The receipts aim to give tangibility to the endless amounts of information being recorded every second of the day. Should we be concerned about big data?

Materials: Bond Paper, Laser Print