Big Data: Trends



Textiles are used to document societies interests and practices, serving as records and becoming artifacts for future generations to translate. Technological advances have allowed us to form new ways of record keeping through data tracking. This tracking creates a digital record of what we do and how we do it. Using google trends, this scarf visualizes the top google searches in Canada during February 2015. The searches are categorized into 6 areas, each visualized in a different colour. This paints a picture of the dispersion of our interests and the avenues by which we access information. Placing this tracked data on a scarf prompts us to question the record we are leaving behind for future generations to discover.

Every dot = 10,000 google searches

Pink - Arts & Entertainment

Green - Community News

Yellow - Economy

Blue - Politics

Red - Sports

Orange - Technology


Materials: Silk Scarf  Printed with Water Based Inks. 

Process: Screen Printed & Hand Stitched